Commissioned Tiles & More

Floral Fanlight,

Adagio can bring your dreams to life.

We're happy to take your theme and create a custom design for a full room or a coveted spot.

Working hand-in-hand with your dealer or designer, we can help you create a stunning fused-glass installation to enhance any room in your home or workplace.

Custom floral fanlight mural, 53 inches wide by 26 inches high, was designed to match elements of room's decor (click to see more)
Leaves of Glass backsplash images


"Leaves of Glass" backsplash mural with matching accent tiles (click to see more)
    Backsplash mural

Bamboo custom backsplash tiles (click to see full kitchen)


Backsplash mural with matching accent tiles, knobs and pulls (click to see more)


Backsplash scenic mural (click to see fuller image)


Backsplash and abstract mural with glass field tiles, designed with matching elements (click to see more)

Need accent tiles to enhance your other colors? We'll be happy to try our hand at meeting your needs.     Iris Triptych mural commissioned by Regis University (click to see full image)
Fanlight, or half-round, window adds whimsey to day or night. It has an 18" radius, to fit perfectly above a bedroom's bay window.
Fused glass rings of Saturn adorn this 30" diameter medicine chest mirror. The rings are slumped to provide the illusion of swooping behind the cabinet. Matching knobs and accent tiles complete the stunning bathroom ensemble. Click to see more.    

World map in fused glass on patinaed and burnished copper is 48" x 36", mounted on 3/4" copper-edged board for a dramatic frameless presentation. Commissioned for a private collection, jet center, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Click for a closer view.  


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