To make a fused glass tile, start with inspiration…

Every Adagio fused-glass tile begins as an idea.

A single tile may include up to seven layers of glass, each hand-cut to a precise size. They are mounted on an opaque base, either white or black, uniquely designed to provide a sure grip on the mounting surface.

Each piece of glass is then assembled with the other layers and temporarily glued until fired.

The tiles are fired at precise temperatures and timings with seven separate steps, rapidly cooled from nearly 1500º to 1000º, and annealed for 8 to 12 hours. At this point, the formerly separate layers of glass are molecularly aligned into a single piece of fused glass.

The final piece is cleaned and packed, the result of dozens of meticulous steps required to create every single tile.

Each tile is a work of art, unique in the world, custom-created to the size, shape and colors needed for each order.

Adagio fused glass tiles—kilncrafting elevated to an art


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