Fused glass knobs and pulls

All Adagio tile styles, from all of our collections, are available as knobs and pulls.

Sturdy and easy to care for, our glass knobs and pulls can be the perfect enhancement for dramatic cabinetry.

Please note that a knob is square and has a single base that attaches to a cabinet door or drawer, and a pull, sometimes called a handle, is longer, with two bases.

In the case of refrigerator and dishwasher pulls, Adagio includes a sturdy metal reinforcement plate and may include multiple bases.

Click here to see the available styles of our knob and pull bases.


Knobs and pulls can match the insert tiles in a backsplash to perfectly fuse cabinetry and wall space. Examples above include one from each of Adagio's eight collections. Click on image to enlarge.

Take an Amber Accents A05A1 tile (left) and stretch it, and you get a "pull" (sometimes called a "handle") that perfectly matches (below). Click here to see a pile of tiles made as both knobs and pulls.
Moments tiles as knobs (above) have a clear glass bottom layer instead of opaque white for added drama. Click on image to see more.


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