Fused glass tiles

Adadio fused glass tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, including the collections listed in the navigation bar to the left.

To see examples of tiles used to accentuate backsplashes and showers, click here or on the image below

Custom Bamboo Tile Amber Rhapsody Tile Copper Mirror Trio Elegant, hand-made fused glass tiles add color and sparkle to any environment.

Adagio glass tiles are singular works of art. These jewel-like creations add splashes of elegance to accent any area of your home or commercial space—kitchen, bath, fireplace, patio, entrance, facade and more.

Each tile is a unique work, individually designed, crafted and fired, with up to six layers of glass and multiple colors and shapes in each layer, designed to enhance your home’s beauty as well as its value.

Easily installed, Adagio fused glass tiles are impervious to spills, perfect for pools, easy to clean and maintenance-free. The base layer of every tile is opaque, either white or black, with a specially created “toothy” base for a sure grip to your wall or floor.

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